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About Judy

Judy Toma is an Angel Therapist and Medium certified by world renowned angel authority Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Judy's life purpose is to bring joy, and her goal is to help people connect with the angels, deceased loved ones, and their own power within. She serves as a channel to celestial beings and the divine realms  to provide messages and healing to her clients, bringing their lives greater peace, love, and understanding. (See Testimonials)

Judy's connection to the angels became evident at a young age. Frequently called upon to sing solos at weddings and funerals within her community, Judy used her heartfelt singing to bring comfort and joy to those around her. One day, when attempting to sing at a friend's funeral, she was overcome with overwhelming grief that completely choked her singing. Amazingly, Judy began channeling a divine being who sang and breathed through her. At that moment, it became very clear to Judy that her some of her gifts came from higher realms. Judy sought to learn about angels, fell upon Doreen Virtue's oracle cards, and began actively working with the angels. Since then, the angels and fairies have appeared to Judy more and more frequently and vividly, giving guidance, strength and joy to Judy, her loved ones, and her clients.

Judy spreads light, love, kindness, genuine concern, integrity, and beauty to those lives she touches, while also uplifting them with her own special brand of humor, fun and electricity. Judy is both clairvoyant and clairaudient.

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Her life experience and talents have grown from a unique journey that has also included work as a singer, actress in film/commercials/musical comedies, guest host on QVC, image consultant, interior decorator, model, personal shopper, and flight attendant.


I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for you assisting me to reconnect with source. The Love that came through you to remind me of who I really am, (certainly only here on this plane for a visit), and to let go of the past (anger, defeat, lies). I have felt a resurgence of positive energy, a vibration of Love and a desire to redesign myself.  I'm sure I'll be back when I can.

Love and Light to you,
Judy W L , Hillsborough ,NJ

I had Destiny ,my Dalmatian scheduled to be put to sleep at 3:00 PM on 08 05 10 by our vet.

I gave her a hug at bed time around 12:20 AM , I spoke to her as you said. I told her I loved her and that it was ok for her to pass and that Max and Tee were waiting for her and it would be ok.  I kissed her on her nose and assured her it was ok to pass and kissed her again and told her I loved her for 15 years.

At 12:40 AM she had passed away in her sleep, just as you said she would with in 3 weeks. She was 14 years 9 months and 16 days old. It was the best time of my life , as I learned from her and she from me. God has closed one door with Destiny and opened another door with my new puppy ,Sapphire. She was guided to me by Titania and Maxwell, my past Dalmatian's

I said a prayer to God thanking him,for taking her in her sleep. It happen just as you said it would 2 weeks to the day.She went in her sleep.

Judy you are amazing and I want to thank God for sending me to you and thank you for letting me bring Destiny to your home. I want to thank you for all your support and all you have done.

I will never for get your words from her reading:

You reassured me ,
Destiny has a soul and a big heart ,and loves me so much.
I will never forget that as long as I live. You are always in my prayers.

Your friend,

Stephen Megna , Union , NJ

I heard about angel therapy from a friend and was immediately went to the angel therapy website and got the names of 2-3 therapist. My friend Joanne spoke to all of them to figure out which one of them sounded genuine and warm, she immediately connected with Judy and felt the need to meet her right away. Joanne came back home with tears in her eyes as she had never been touched by anyone like this ever before.

This prompted me to tell my husband to visit her. Fortunately he got an appointment that very day, my husband who believes in one God came back happy and convinced that Judy can really speak the language of God. Before I went for my session I prayed to God to talk to me thru Judy. I felt in my heart that at the end of my session ,Judy would give me something which will have some meaning in my life. My session started off with a whole lot of emotions, I felt genuine love coming from Judy and could also feel the presence of angels around her. She has such a warm beautiful face and and a tender loving heart which is so pure ,just right to spread the message of God. Judy revealed a lot during the session which was 100% true , she took me thru a session of meditation which calmed me down totally and at the end of the session she kept telling me I have to give you something, which seemed to match well with what I was told in my heart before I came to her.

She then handed me a book, which till this date gives me messages in my daily life. All my friends and family feel a connection with Judy as she definitely is here to fulfill her mission of spreading love which not only radiates from her heart but her whole body beams with the light of God. I would love people to really know that Judy is someone you could trust and feel at ease with .

DD , Canada

Judy is a pillar of light that is strongly connected to the angelic realm and to all beings of light. She is able to bring forth truths and identify important issues when giving readings. And her healings through guided meditations are powerful. I know this because I've experienced it. She is truly a vessel that the angels come through to heal. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone who seeks clarity and healing in their life. She is a healer's healer.

Linda, Florham Park, NJ

Judy's readings have always helped to steer me in the right direction. She is a special and caring person ,when I talk to her it feels like she is angel herself.  Always caring and offering help and guidance without the feeling of someone who just tells you what you want to hear .She is honest and trustworthy and has helped me numerous times to see the light when I never thought I could see the light again. She is blessed and I am so grateful to have found her.

Camille ,Jackson, NJ

The angel reading with Judy , was very uplifting and inspiring . It gave me the assurance that I was not alone and I have loved ones that guide me and care for me on the other side. Through Judy, the angels gave me messages and advice that I have been incorporating into my daily life and my energy has started to shift in a positive manner. I highly recommend Judy for a reading , she takes her time and her sense of humor makes the reading even more delightful .

Gina Vilchez , East Brunswick, NJ

I want to say , I feel so much better , since meeting Judy, at least more comfortable about the way my cat died . I have not had bad dreams since ! I guess it seems trivial to some when you think of those who have lost a human being , but there are those of us who feel pets are as important in their own way, as a human life. Judy comforted me.

Sally V. , Norfolk ,Ct.

I just want to extend my deepest gratitude to Judy for my angel reading ! What an amazing experience it has been for me , and I thank Judy for opening me up to the angel world . Since the reading , I have felt light , energetic , and have found an inner faith that has been missing for a long time ! There have been some wonderful new opportunities that have opened up in my life recently , and I firmly believe the angels are working to give me the happiness and peace of mind I have been longing for ! Because of Judy , my life is going in a positive and exciting new direction . Thank you , thank you for your contribution in making this happen! I look forward to our next reading together.

Stacy Critelli , Plainfield , NJ

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