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What is an Angel Reading?

Angel Therapists® can provide Angel Readings to anyone who wishes to receive divine guidance and healing in any area of their life. These sessions obtain divine information and energy directly from the angels, who are non-denominational, nonjudgmental beings of light and unconditional love, and have only our best interest in mind. Angels have appeared to and helped persons of all races and creeds throughout history. Every person can receive any type of assistance from their own set of guardian angels as well as the archangels, who are accessible to everyone. Working with the angels ensures that the information and energy received is trustworthy, of the light, and of the purist vibration and intention. Since there are many sources of psychic information available, working with only the purest sources is critical for the well-being of the client and Angel Therapists®.

An Angel Therapist® acts as a vehicle through which angels can communicate with and heal you regarding any concern. Commonly addressed issues involve relationships, health, career, emotional or spiritual matters, or just everyday challenges. If it is not clear to you which issues need improvement, an Angel Therapist™ can speak with the angels to identify and address the areas of your life that need healing or attention, so that you can heal and move forward. One reason why working with angels is so effective is that angels have access to much more information and healing energy than humans do; angels transcend time and space, and can see our past and future, as well as those involved in our lives.

Depending on your interests, an Angel Therapist® can provide you with the names of your own angels, cord cutting (see Cord Cutting for more information), chakra clearing, meditations and healings; she can also receive messages from your deceased loved ones.

When you open yourselves up to hearing the messages from the angels, every area of your life can transform to become more peaceful. The angels are here to help and heal us, engender peace and joy in our lives, and give us direction on fulfilling our life purpose.
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