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One on One Personal Guided Meditation
Private Angel Readings
In person, by phone, or by email
Mediumship Readings (speak with deceased loved ones)
In person, by phone, or by email
Integrated Energy Therapy
Past Life Regression
Angel Parties
Cord Cutting (performed during Private Angel Readings)
Oracle Card Parties
Classes & Workshops
Motivational Speaking Engagements
Books and Oracle Cards - for sale at readings, parties, and events


One on One Personal Guided Meditation
Do you believe through the law of attraction, all will come to you?
When you remove the blocks, absolutely, transformination will occur.

Judy will guide you with the help of the angels to remove your blocks and incorporate your true desires within your personal meditation.

The session will last about an hour , incorporating a conference with Judy and a guided meditation for your specific needs. It's time to take your life back and live in joy.


Private Angel Readings
Speak and work with the Angels and Ascended Masters , giving you advice , insight and /or healing on any matter.
See Angel Readings for more information.

  • 30 Minute Angel Reading / Mediumship Reading $100
  • 60 Minute Angel Reading / Mediumship Reading $200
  • *Will travel for an added fee (Call for details)

    Angel Parties
    Angel parties are gatherings of 6-8 participants . You will learn about the angels , share and grow in fun and receive a private Angel reading with Judy.
    Private readings include :

    • guidance and insight from the angels
    • deceased loved ones may come in with input
    • healings if need be ...you will walk away uplifted and peaceful.

    3 Choices of Angel Parties:

    1) An Angel meditation and a Private 15 min. Angel Reading $ 60.00 per person
    - The host will receive a free 30 min. angel reading , to be redeemed no later than 1 month after the date of the party.
    2) An Angel meditation , an Introduction to the Angels and a private 15 min. reading $70.00 per Person.
    - The host will receive a free 30 min. angel reading , to be redeemed no later than 1 month after the date of the party.
    3) An Angel meditation, an introduction to the Angels and their purpose and how you receive guidance from the angels. Shielding and grounding exercises and a 15 min private angel reading, $ 120.00 per person
    - The host will receive a free 30 min.angel reading , to be redeemed no later than 1 month after the date of the party


    Cord Cutting
    Negative etheric cords are energetic attachments that are frequently and commonly formed into us by other people; they can also attach us to addictive material objects like food, drugs and alcohol. Etheric cords can actually cause physical and emotional symptoms, and hinder a person’s well-being and development. It is important that etheric cords be severed to allow persons to move forward in their lives, be free from involvements that are not in their best interest, and be the highest expression of themselves. Judy can check for and sever etheric cords during angel readings. (See Private Angel Reading above)

    Oracle Card Parties
    Oracle Card Parties are gatherings where 6-8 participants learn to use angel oracle cards to perform readings for themselves and others. Oracle Cards are available for $15 or you may bring your own,Judy will start with a meditation to center each person and then demonstrates to the group how to prepare, query, and interpret the oracle cards. Participants will then practice doing readings for themselves and other participants in a supportive and fun environment, under Judy's guidance.Its fun and informative and you walk away with a new sense of self and trust in spirit!

    • Participant: fair energy exchange of $30
    • Party Host/Organizer: FREE
      Please contact Judy if you are interested in hosting an Oracle Card Party.

    Integrated Energy Therapy session

    IET is greatly beneficial in removing blocks that exist in an individual affecting their body, mind or spirit. This can also include Past Lives and by removing blocks , it relieves stress, helps clients in moving forward, removing physical and emotional pain. The result is pure joy,feeling lighter , more energized and more clarity . During the IET session you will be in a dimly lit room with soft relaxing music playing. You will be fully clothed and will lie on a massage table. The session generally lasts one-1 1/2 hours or whatever is divinely guided. As an added benefit for assisting your body in healing it self, every IET session will be done on an Amethyst BioMat.

    Energy Exchange : $300 .00
    1hr 30 min.

    ** IET sessions available in person or Long Distance . Long Distance is just as powerful as in person.

    The IET® Mission is to "Heal the world, one-heart-at-a-time". IET® is practiced throughout the United States, Belgium, Canada, and Ireland.

    I have found as an IET® Master and a teacher , IET is being sought by so many who wish to attain inner peace and their souls purpose and through IET , they find !

    Space Clearing

    Space Clearing and a House Blessing Many times there are energies that get locked into homes, brought in by others or a spirit that has never left. This energy may bring unhappiness and stress within the home that has nothing to do with you. I find when.

    $200 (1 hr 30Min)

    Past Life Regression

    Past Life Regression is a manner in which through hypnosis we are able to access memories of past lives. The body is merely a vessel and our spirit is wiser than any computer . It records all of the lives, acquaintances, and lessons of our present life as well as lives we once lived. Through hypnosis and a guided journey , the client is able to access this information, such as a fear of water , anxiety and traumas and then solving those particular concerns by bringing to the surface answers that may lie deep within the subconscious.

    As a certified Past Life Regression Therapist, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, I will guide you on this journey successfully and help you to clear up issues that have held you back from your life's purpose and help heal issues, as well as help you understand why certain centuries seemed so important to you . Many of my clients were obsessed with a certain time in history , not knowing why and found after Past Life Regression ,they were either a prisoner or an abused wife during that time . I have found if I mention a particular time of history and it seems to create a reaction in you , that is probably part of your history . I think everybody reincarnates because we have many lessons to learn, lessons about love, compassion, charity, nonviolence, inner peace, patience, etc. It would be hard to learn them all in only one lifetime . Also, some people come back voluntarily to help others. So Past Life is a most wonderful way to discover more about YOU!

    Each session lasts about 1 hour , during that time you may go through 2-3 past lives , depending on each particular person and situation .

    You will be lying down in a relaxed state in a very safe environment with the intention of going back and discovering all that you need to know for your healing and moving forward.

    Energy exchange $200.00

    Classes & Workshops
    See the Events page for information on Classes & Workshops being offered in the near future.

    Motivational Speaking Engagements
    Judy is available for motivational speaking engagements. If interested, please contact Judy directly.

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